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By | September 1, 2023
Ijazah Manaqib Al Habib Abu Bakar bin Muhammad Assegaf
Ijazah Manaqib Al Habib Abu Bakar bin Muhammad Assegaf from www.dutaislam.com

Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos: A Pious Figure of Islamic World

Indonesia is a country that has a rich history of Islamic culture and tradition. The country is home to many prominent Islamic scholars, and one of them is Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos, a figure who is respected and admired by many for his dedication and contribution to the Islamic world.

Early Life and Education

Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos was born in the city of Surabaya, East Java, in 1965. He came from a family that had a strong background in Islamic studies, and his father was a prominent Islamic scholar. Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos started his education in a traditional Islamic school at a young age, where he studied the Quran and Islamic teachings.

After completing his primary education, Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos continued his studies at the University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt. He pursued a degree in Islamic Law and graduated with honors. During his time at Al-Azhar, he also studied under many renowned scholars and gained a deep understanding of Islamic teachings.

Teachings and Contributions

After completing his studies, Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos returned to Indonesia and started teaching Islamic studies. He became known for his lectures and sermons, which were based on the Quran and Hadith, and he often emphasized the importance of good character and moral conduct.

In addition to his teaching, Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos also contributed to the Islamic world through his writings. He authored several books on Islamic teachings, including a book on the Prophet Muhammad’s life and teachings. His books have been translated into many languages and are widely read by Muslims worldwide.

Philanthropic Activities

Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos is not only known for his contributions to the Islamic world but also for his philanthropic activities. He has established several charitable organizations that provide assistance to the needy and disadvantaged. One of his organizations is a foundation that provides education and healthcare assistance to children in need.

He also established a mosque in his hometown of Surabaya, which has become a center for Islamic learning and community activities. The mosque is known for its beautiful architecture and has become a popular destination for tourists and visitors.


Habib Abu Bakar Al Athos is a pious figure who has dedicated his life to the teachings and principles of Islam. His contributions to the Islamic world through his teachings, writings, and philanthropic activities have made him a respected and admired figure by many. He is an inspiration to Muslims worldwide and a reminder of the importance of living a life based on Islamic teachings and principles.

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