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Famous Soal Try Out Smk Bahasa Inggris 2019 References

Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kls 3 Sd Nature
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Soal Try Out SMK Bahasa Inggris 2019

Menjelang masa ujian nasional, para siswa SMK di seluruh Indonesia mulai menyiapkan diri untuk menghadapi ujian. Salah satu persiapan yang wajib dilakukan adalah mengerjakan try out untuk menguji kemampuan siswa dalam mengerjakan soal. Try out yang dilakukan untuk tingkat SMK biasanya berbeda dengan try out yang dilakukan untuk tingkat SMA. Berikut adalah soal-soal try out SMK bahasa Inggris 2019.

Soal Pilihan Ganda

1. Which of the following words has the same meaning as "excellent"?

A. Good

B. Bad

C. Great

D. Poor

2. What is the past tense of "go"?

A. Goed

B. Went

C. Goeed

D. Gone

3. What is the opposite of "enlarge"?

A. Shorten

B. Contract

C. Reduce

D. Shrink

Soal Essay

1. Write a short essay (minimum 200 words) about the importance of learning English.

English is an important language in the world today. Knowing English can help open many doors, both professionally and personally. In the business world, English is the language of international communication. Knowing English enables people to communicate with people from different cultures and countries, making it easier to do business, travel, and work with people from all over the world. On a personal level, English can help people to connect with others and make friends, as well as open up many cultural experiences. Additionally, knowing English can open up many educational opportunities, from attending English-speaking universities to studying abroad. In conclusion, learning English is essential in today’s globalized world, and can open up many personal and professional opportunities.

Soal Ungkapan

1. Fill in the blank: "I'm so __________ that I can't believe it."

A. Excited

2. Fill in the blank: "I'm ___________ to hear that."

A. Delighted

3. Fill in the blank: "I was ___________ when I heard the news."

A. Stunned

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